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US athletes sign open letter NCAA for hosting events in anti-trans states

Rachel Badham May 30, 2021

50 trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming athletes have signed an open letter in protest of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) deciding to host championships in multiple US states where laws have been put into place to prohibit trans participation in school sports. Although the NCAA previously condemned trans exclusion in sports, it recently announced it will be holding events in Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee, all of which have signed anti-trans bills into action. 

The letter, written by Athlete Ally, said the signatories were “deeply disappointed and hurt” by the NCAA’s decision, adding: “Your actions speak louder than your words: you are not protecting the rights of trans and non-binary athletes to participate…We will not be silent as you perform your allyship to the world only to turn around and support those hurting trans athletes the most.”

The letter asked the NCAA if it intends to uphold its “non-discrimination policy and publicly commit to not holding NCAA events in states with legislation that actively discriminates against transgender student-athletes”, and concluded: “Choose to do what is in the best interest of all student-athletes by creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.” The NCAA has not publicly responded.