Today is Transgender Day of Visibility 

Gscene Editorial Team March 31, 2020

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. Many events, gatherings, groups and socialising have had to be suspended or cancelled due to the restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gscene would like to celebrate TDoV2020 by sharing some photos from Trans Pride events over the last few years which we featured in various issues celebrating this astonishingly successful community celebration. A huge community event; for the community, by the community, with the community. Raising awareness of Trans and Non binary issues, and building strong, unique connections and networks which continue throughout the year.

We are lucky in Brighton & Hove to have such a large, dynamic and PROUD Trans community.

We have so many charities, support groups and organisations which can offer support and advice to Trans and non binary people of all ages, we have a Local Authority which is clear in its solidarity with the city’s communities and local politicians who understand and listen to community concerns. Better to represent them and ensure policy and politics reflects the real diversity of the city’s wide communities.

We have Trans Pride, an event rooted in community participation and founded on principles of inclusion, fairness and honest representation in all events they produce. Although postponed for this year, the spirit of community engendered by TransPride Brighton continues to inspire and comfort. We will miss you this year.

We have nationally acclaimed charities who do solid work with younger TNB people, charities completely staffed and run by TNB staff and volunteers and many, many arts and cultural events by and for the Trans Community.

For many people in our community EVERYDAY is trans day of visibility and living their authentic selves leads to harassment and abuse.  There is still much to be done to challenge prejudice and hatred both online and in wider society. We need to look to our own LGB communities and continue to challenge the shrill voices of prejudice & transphobia who attempt to highjack equality causes with misinformation and twisted rhetoric for their own nefarious reasons. We tell you now, you will NOT succeed. We see you. Our community is strong, staunch, filled with experience and enthusiasm. Love will triumph. Together, lesbians, gay men, bisexual people, trans and non binary individuals and folk who define as Queer form a formidable alliance. We are indeed #strongertogether.

We have a city of allies also, from all communities who understand that working together, in a real community, ensures that equality is experienced by all, regardless of who or what they are.

Gscene says to our Trans, non binary and gender Queer communities – we see you, we honour you, we hear you, we support you and we thank you for the unique contributions you give our city and community and we feel your pain.

This TransDayOfVisability we stand in solidarity with everyone in the trans community. We send you unconditional love


Gscene is proud of its continuing commitment to platform the voices of the cities LGBTQ+ communities, if you have a story or would like to contribute or write an article of interest please let us know.    Email us here

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