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Sports Editor for Scene magazine and website needed

Graham Robson January 22, 2021

We´re looking for a Sports Editor for Scene magazine and website

Are you passionate about sport? And passionate about writing?

We´re looking for the person, the LGBTQ+ person, who can elevate our coverage of the intersection between sport in all its guises, and our community. Covering our local LGBTQ+ sports clubs, teams and organisations, and national and international ones. Ensuring that our readers know of the opportunities for participating and watching, know of upcoming events, hear about LGBTQ+ athletes and sportspeople, whether it´s because they are just telling the world that they are ‘one of us’, or inspiring us with their dedication and success.

If you´d like to talk to us about what you think you could bring to the role and are interested in joining our team, please express your interest by sending an email to

Let’s talk.