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Powerlifting returns to Gay Games

Besi Besemar August 10, 2018

Powerlifting returns to sports programme at the Hong Kong Gay Games in 2022.

Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan

THE LGBT Powerlifting Union has agreed to assist the organisers of Gay Games Hong Kong, 2022 in the delivery and promotion of their Powerlifting event in the next Gay Games cycle.

Powerlifting was not included in the sports schedule in Gay Games X, currently taking place in Paris, but the discipline has now been confirmed for the following Gay Games after discussions took place between the next host city Hong Kong and the LGBT Powerlifting Union, who have successfully run the LGBT International Powerlifting Championships (LGBT IPC) in both 2017 and 2018.

The Second annual LGBT International Powerlifting Championships were held in London from July 27-29, with participation numbers doubling, from the previous year.

Athletes attended from eight different nations including Australia, Belarus, Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, United States of America and of course the host nation Great Britain.

Within LGBT IPC athletes are welcome to participate regardless of their age, sexuality, health status, ability or gender. This year the LGBT IPC introduced a new Mx third gender category, to welcome transgender, non-binary and intersex participants to compete. The LGBT IPC are the first sporting event in the world to introduce a third gender category, so Mx people can participate in a safe environment, without fear of discrimination.

This year’s championships were attended by national champions, world champions, world record holders and also a lifter who had competed in the Arnold Classic Sports Festival in Australia.

The LGBT IPC competition is particularly friendly towards novices as they have their own category, for those who are competing for the first time. LGBT IPC is very committed towards reaching out to sections of the community that are under-represented in the sport.

Speaking about the confirmation of Powerlifting for the Gay Games in 2022, Chris Morgan, Gay Games Ambassador and Co-President of the LGBT Powerlifting Union said: “We are delighted with discussions that have taken place and the LGBT Powerlifting Union have agreed to assist the next Gay Games host city Hong Kong to deliver and promote their Powerlifting event. Of course we are disappointed not to have been able to participate in these Gay Games in Paris, but we are looking forward and growing stronger as a group each year ahead of the next Gay Games in Hong Kong”.

“Next year our own event ‘LGBT International Powerlifting Championships’ will be in Blackpool, the most LGBT and in particular Trans Friendly town in the UK. We have confirmed a fantastic new venue and have a fresh and exciting new programme of events and activities. Next year’s focus will be on development and outreach, with more detailed information about this released in the coming months”.

The choice of the seaside town of Blackpool as the host town gives organisers the opportunity to double the participation levels over the next two years as the town has an abundance of high quality, low cost accommodation.

Athletes from all over the world will find Blackpool a very affordable place to stay with easy access from Manchester International Airport which runs regular one hour fast trains straight into the Gay Village in the centre of Blackpool.

Blackpool 2019 will take place from July 19-21, 2019. The provisional programme currently includes Coaching Clinic, Technical Briefing, Competition, Social Evening, Congress, Outreach Workshop and Closing Party at the World Renowned Funny Girls Cabaret.

Blackpool 2019 will give the organisers the opportunity to increase participation numbers and provide a very safe host town environment for all Trans, Non Binary and Intersex participants.

In the build up to Blackpool 2019 the LGBT Powerlifting Union are planning Workshops in the North (Blackpool) and South (London). Details about these will follow soon.

There will also be more LGBT Powerlifting workshops and seminars planned in the USA. These will also be announced soon.

Within the Congress the LGBT Powerlifting Union received provisional bids and expressions of interest to host future LGBT IPC events from Atlanta, USA and Munich, Germany.

More information about these will follow soon.

For more details about the LGBT International Powerlifting Championships, click here:

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