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Missouri progresses anti-trans bill

Rachel Badham April 24, 2021

The House of Representatives in Missouri, US, voted in favour of a bill designed to prevent trans athletes from participating in school sports, meaning it will now go to vote in the state Senate providing that the amended version is fully approved by the full House. According to KOAM News, the bill was passed in a 100-51 vote, with Republican rep. Chuck Basye sponsoring it on the basis of ‘maintaining fairness’ in women’s sports. 

Missouri is one of an estimated 30 states currently considering legislation to limit young trans people’s access to school sports, single-sex facilities and/or healthcare. However, Florida recently vetoed a proposed ban on trans inclusion in sports due to a controversial clause that called for genital, DNA, and hormone exams of trans students. According to LGBTQ Nation, state senator Kelli Stargel initially sponsored the bill, but later said it could pose problems for the “inherent dignity of each person.” Equality Florida dubbed the failed bill “cruel and grotesque.”

A handful of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups and sporting organisations have condemned the wave of anti-trans bills, with USA Cycling saying: “The practice of sport should be available to everyone.” The National Collegiate Athletic Association also spoke out against attempts to limit young trans people, saying the laws are “harmful to transgender student-athletes.”