Kemptown MP pushes for Rugby at the Amex Stadium

Besi Besemar March 14, 2013

Amex Community Stadium
Amex Community Stadium

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has written to the International Rugby Board (IRB) in support of Brighton’s bid to be a host city for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Mr Kirby has been a vocal supporter of the bid to host tournament matches at the Amex Stadium in his constituency. The stadium has been chosen on a shortlist of 18 possible venues, which is due to be narrowed down to 12 by the 2015 organising committee in the coming days.  The preferred list of 12 venues will then go forward to the IRB for ratification by the end of March.

Although the preferred list of venues is yet to be announced, Mr Kirby has taken the proactive step of contacting the Chief Executive of the IRB to make the case for Brighton’s bid in the event that it does go before the international body for approval.

Simon Kirby, MP
Simon Kirby, MP

Simon said:

“I have gone to great lengths to make the case for Brighton’s 2015 Rugby World Cup with the organisational bodies in this country.  Although a decision on preferred venues is yet to be made, I am confident that Brighton has made an excellent bid and it will be considered very strongly. In light of that fact I have contacted the International Rugby Board in support of the bid, as they will ultimately have the final say on the venues that are selected.

“I know that Brighton is up against some strong bids, but I am confident that the appeal of the city and the facilities available at the Amex will present a very strong case to both the RWC organising body and the IRB. We are now very close to final decisions, and I know that my constituents will be joining me in hoping for a successful outcome for Brighton.”