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Inspirational Nigel to run his 10th Brighton Marathon

Gary Hart February 22, 2019

Charity worker, Nigel Sarjudeen, runs his tenth Brighton Marathon for Martlets in Hove this April.

HE has already raised £9,266 for the hospice, but is hoping to beat his target of £10,000.

Nigel has run in all nine of the Brighton Marathons, with his first in 2010 and also ran in nearly all of the half marathons.

He was inspired to run following unexpected heart problems in 2006 and, after rehabilitation, he joined a local running club.

He said; “It was a real shock because I was young and fit.  However, in some ways I’m glad it happened when it did because I was able to get over it.”

When he gained his place in the 2010 Brighton Marathon, Nigel decided to support Martlets, since some of his friends and their families had been supported by the hospice over the years. He felt that it important to fundraise for the charity, since it provides an essential service to local people.

He said; “I have been touched by the level of the care given by Martlets to its patients and their family and friends. If Martlets was not here, it would be so much harder for people to cope.

“I never intended that I would keep on going, I did the first marathon, then the second and after that I just kept on running and now I’m on my tenth!

“One year, towards the end, I remember thinking ‘I’m hurting and in pain’. Then I remembered all the people who are hurting because they have lost their loved ones and it drove me forward.’

“So far I’ve raised over £9,000 for the hospice and I’m hoping to get over the £10,000 mark with this one!”

Clem Hunnisett from the hospice’s Fundraising Team said; “This is an extraordinary achievement, Nigel is a real fundraising superhero.  We are so grateful to him for all his amazing support. 

“Even when he was finding it difficult, he dug deep into his reserves and fought on because he knew that what he was doing would make a real difference to the lives of local people.

“He is a true inspiration.”

If Nigel has inspired you to strap on your running shoes then it’s not too late to join #TeamMartlets, since there is just one more space left on the hospice’s Brighton Marathon team.

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