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Gscene Magazine becomes a Social Enterprise

Gscene Editorial Team April 14, 2020

When James Ledward, the founder of and driving force behind Gscene for 28 years, received his devastating diagnosis late last summer his thoughts turned very quickly to the future of the magazine. He was keen that it should continue to grow and flourish as a community resource.

Since his death last October, the remaining members of the small Gscene team, together with our advertisers and contributors, have worked to cover, and try to fill, the James-shaped gaps and to honour his wishes.

To that end we have just heard that we have been successful in converting the limited company to become a Community Interest Company (CIC).

This means that any ‘profit’ must be reinvested into the magazine, or go to a charity – in this case The Brighton Rainbow Fund, which James also created. It also means that the CIC, as a social enterprise, is able to apply for grants, if needed, to support this community resource and allow us to remain at the heart of the LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton & Hove and beyond.

Thank you James.