Get sporty and active!

Besi Besemar June 15, 2013

TAKE PARTThe country’s biggest sporting festival is back for two weeks this summer. The annual TAKEPART festival runs from June 22 to July 7.

The festival offers hundreds of events, activities and taster sessions featuring sports and activities of all types. The celebration links local clubs and organisations to provide a huge range of local opportunities as well as profiling major events in the city.

The TAKEPART festival is organised by the council’s Sports Development team. TAKEPART is a mix of the high profile events and community-based ventures, helping to build fitness levels for all ages in neighbourhoods across Brighton & Hove. The emphasis is on finding an activity to enjoy, whether a traditional sport or a more passive pastime such as healthwalks or yoga, to improve wellbeing.

Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society (BLGSS) organise the Big Gay Sports Day at the Stanley Deason Leisure Centre on June 29 from 10am-5pm. For full details, CLICK HERE:

Like much of the TAKEPART programme, the Active Forever session on June 27 is a free event. The aim of the day is to encourage older people to be more active. One featured group in Active Forever is the Zumba for Older People from Moulscomb. Zumba dance moves have been adapted to suit a slightly slower pace while still delivering an exercise workout for the over 50 age range.

Zumba participant Marion Guy said:

“I started Zumba to get out and about. Also because it is different to anything I have done before. I very much enjoy the music and the dancing. And I enjoy the company of the other women in the group.”

Jan Sutherland, Brighton & Hove City Council Sport & Physical Activity Manager, added:

“The TAKEPART festival is a fixture in the sporting calendar and provides a great start to the summer. Yet again the sports development team has worked with local clubs and organisations to produce an exciting and inclusive programme. There are plenty of new activities to choose from and I encourage everyone to have a look at the programme and see how you can take part.”

To get full details of the event programme, CLICK HERE: