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Fitter, Confident and HIV+ You.

Craig Hanlon-Smith November 30, 2019

Fitter, Confident and HIV+ You.

Matt Boyles created his Fitter Confident You with the gay, bi and trans community in mind, “as I felt the fitness industry had always palmed us off with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution”. In addition to workouts and nutrition coaching Fitter Confident You comes with elements to boost confidence and strengthen mental health, plus the empathy that other trainers might not be able to offer.

“In the run up to World Aids Day, and regarding HIV+ clients, Matt said:

I work with a number of clients who feel comfortable enough to tell me their HIV status and over the last two years of Fitter Confident You working with guys in the G, B & T community, have learnt a great deal about living with the condition. Of primary importance – although this stands for anyone – is taking steps to put yourself first and prioritise your health, however that feels right to you. It’s very sad, but those newly diagnosed may feel shame and want to avoid thinking about their health and fitness, but even small steps can contribute to feeling stronger and fitter. Plus there are many benefits that lots of people aren’t aware of – for example the negative side effects of some HIV drugs include reduction in bone density, but a regular weight-lifting routine can absolutely help combat this, greatly reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone deterioration in general”.

You can learn more about Matt’s programmes here: