Sexological Bodywork

Besi Besemar February 23, 2015

James Ledward gets up close and very personal with an old friend.

Sexological Bodyworks

DURING my 60 years on this earth I’ve enjoyed all manner of pleasures and experienced many naughty moments along the way. However, I was somewhat nervous when I went along for my first Sexology Bodywork session, especially as the person who would be giving me pleasure was someone I knew personally.

Sexological Bodywork is a fully legal profession and was founded by Joseph Kramer in the United States in 2003. Working practically and manually, Sexological Bodyworkers create a safe space for you to explore and learn about your body and what it is capable of, rather than offering you a sexual service.

My first hurdle to overcome was that I knew the Sexological Bodyworker personally! Here I was taking my clothes off in front of someone my ex-partner used to play football with. It was odd and slightly surreal, but we chatted about my aches and pains before I lay down on the bed, went through some breathing exercises and relaxed. In fact, I relaxed very quickly and the 90-minute session, which gave me great enjoyment, began.

Sexological Bodyworkers remain in close contact with you throughout each session. They remain fully clothed, wear gloves and offer one way touch only. Within their professional protocol your Sexological Bodyworker will be open to anything and will never judge you. During your pre-chat you will have discussed what you want to experience during your session, be it masturbation coaching, an intimate massage or even having your prostate massaged. Don’t feel at all embarrassed, your Sexological Bodyworker is unshockable and is there to help you deal with any anxieties you may have.

There are many reasons why people consult a Sexological Bodyworker. These include: experiencing difficulties with orgasm; sexual anxiety; erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation; pelvic tensions/aches/cramps or anything related to anal pleasure.

Some people experience issues relating to anal shame, body dysmorphic disorder or sexual problems due to self-image, sexual trauma and abuse issues. Some couples visit a Sexological Bodyworker together to improve their erotic experience and transcend their routine, discover something new, or simply deepen and strengthen their sexual relationship with each other.

Sexological Bodywork is great for trans* people looking to discover a new sense of embodiment throughout their transition, especially after gender reassignment surgery, as well as for people with scar tissue remediation following an operation or childbirth.

Jason stresses the significant and transformative impact Sexological Bodywork sessions can offer to the elderly, people with disabilities and people with mental health issues. But in fact anyone wanting to explore different sexual techniques or enhance their sexual self-awareness and capacity for pleasure could well benefit from a session on the Sexological Bodyworkers couch.

Jason Hall and Nico Timmerfrouw both qualified as a Sexological Bodyworkers at the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork in Switzerland and have their practice here in Brighton.

Jason says: “On an interpersonal level, many of the patterns that hold us back from experiencing the full spectrum of our erotic possibilities are deeply rooted in our autonomic nervous system. By allowing ourselves to experiment with different states of arousal and sexual ecstasy, we gain increasing awareness for the biochemical and physiological processes happening in our body, and can gently learn to modulate and synchronise our own erotic functions.”

A standard session lasts two hours. After a relaxing chat you proceed to a 75 minute block of bodywork when you are massaged all over your body with coconut oil and explore the elements of your session that you have discussed with your Sexologist in advance. You remain in charge at all times and once you conquer any inhibitions you will learn to explore different parts of your body in ways you have never done before.

He continues: “For me, Sexological Bodywork is primarily about touch, touch on a physical and emotional level, to deepen self-awareness and understanding. Society doesn’t teach us to understand ourselves sexually. I provide a space for people to truly explore and work through whatever they need to.”

“Being pansexual, I’m very sympathetic to the needs of our community. I believe we’re just at the beginning of an intimate self-discovery. Stepping out from the dark, we are emerging with a new self-confidence, to be truly ourselves. Understanding our own bodies must be a part of that confidence.”

Jason’s co-practitioner Nico explains: “In our profession, we’ve been trained to offer and hold space for folks of all genders and sexual orientations to explore, deepen and enhance their embodiment as sexual beings. Some people come to us to have a fun and a safe environment where they can learn something new, like erotic anal massage, vaginal or anal fisting, sustained states of arousal or full body orgasms. Many seek to reconnect, integrate or rediscover their new sexuality during or after important physical changes, such as hormonal treatments, gender reassignment surgeries, following illness, hormonal shifts throughout the ageing process or for scar tissue remediation. Others may be overcoming limiting moral standards, simply inadequate education, traumatic experiences or a shameful self-image that limits their joyful sexual expression.

“As Sexological Bodyworkers, we offer hands-on work of somatic sexology: working in close contact with the client, through touch, breathing, intimate massage, body awareness exercises, masturbation coaching and erotic trance states. We are committed to an intimate learning setting that is safe, non-judgemental, playful, open and accepting, a place where people can grow through the experience and expression of their fullest capacity for pleasure and enjoyment of their body. I love to touch, share erotic aliveness, and accompany people on their journey towards joy, fulfillment and conscious sex. We’re all disembodied to a certain extent, and for most of us, setting a space and time dedicated entirely and without taboos to our sexuality is a very powerful tool for personal transformation.

“On a personal level, my involvement in the global network of Radical Faeries, gender queer explorers and sex activists brought me from Switzerland to Brighton, and I’m thrilled to be offering this work in this cauldron of queer r-evolution!”

Jason and Nico offer one to one sessions, four hand massages, sessions for couples and group workshops.

Contact information:
Nico Timmerfrouw: 07707 917 545
Jason Hall: 07791 503 088

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