Seventh edition of Queer in Brighton’s LGBTQ+ history club

May 11, 2017

The seventh edition of Queer in Brighton’s LGBTQ+ history club takes place from 3-5pm on Sunday, May 28 at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.


80’s womens band, Siren will play a selection of their songs and talk about their experience as a lesbian feminist band and theatre company in the punk and post punk time in Brighton.

The songs set the tone for the period when Siren members developed as activists, campaigning for lesbian and gender equality, as well as challenging the specific policies of the Thatcher government.

From rehearsing in the ‘vaults’ (a series of underground burial chambers in North Street) during the late 70’s, to attracting levels of violence when they toured, Siren members will talk about their memories, and why the punk movement was so revolutionary for women who had always wanted to play in a band.

The event is FREE – but please RSVP here so we know how much cake we need to bring!

Event: Queer in Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club seventh edition

Where: Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton BN1 1EE

When: Sunday, May 28

Time: 3-5pm

Cost: Free entry but click here: to RSVP so organisers know how many people to cater for.

The LGBTQ+ History Club #8 will be on Sunday June 25 when pioneering HIV/AIDS activist Simon Watney and activist and artist Dan Glass will be speaking.