Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Miss Jason

Graham Robson April 4, 2020

A Miss not to be missed, award-winning drag act Miss Jason has been entertaining the crowds for more years than she cares to remember with comedy patter and joie de vivre. Here, Graham Robson catches up with one of the campest queens on the scene who’ll be broadcasting live from her living room on Facebook Live this Sunday at 7pm.

What have you been up? 

In truth, not very much; it’s taken me a while to get my head around all of this. As you know I am a social animal so like so many people it’s taken a lot to adjust. I have never eaten so much in my life, god knows what size I will be by the end of all of this – I will probably have to spit on my hips to get through my front door!

Where can we see you while we’re all locked indoors? 

I am doing a live show from home on Facebook Live on Sunday at 7pm, so I am really looking forward to that. I am encouraging people to get involved as much as they can by sending in questions… That could be dangerous!

Have you seen many other Facebook Live performances? 

Yes, lots of my pals have been doing online shows. It’s been really good to watch. Also it’s interesting to see them use a different type of skill as online is very different to face to face entertainment. I don’t get to see my pals’ work often as we are normally working all over the place so it has been a bit of a treat for me!

How else have you been beating the boredom while in lockdown? 

Doing all the things you put off like tidying the wardrobe, which I’ve been putting off forever! I did the kitchen cupboards yesterday… F**k, I hope I am not turning into Kim Woodburn!

What do you miss the most and what are your plans for when this is over? 

When this is done, I am going to have a big party, probably at Legends. The only thing that is getting to me is not knowing when I am going to see my friends again. I am finding that difficult. I also think once this is done I won’t ever take my life or freedom for granted again. It’s taken this to make me realise how wonderful life is!

We’re really sorry to see Brighton & Hove Pride postponed… 

It’s a great blow to our community and the city of Brighton & Hove. Pride is the largest contributor to the Rainbow Fund, which supports many of our local charities that are a lifeline to so many. It’s very sad that the 30th anniversary of Brighton & Hove Pride has had to be postponed. Pride takes a massive amount of organisation and my thoughts are with Paul Kemp and his team who I know will be devastated by this decision. But once this has past my god what a party we will have! In the meantime, stay safe #WeStandTogether.