Rink: A coming-of-age short film seeks Kickstarter funding

Alice Blezard April 1, 2016

Rink, an LGBT coming-of-age short film, is set to begin filming in London this May.

Rink Team Left to Right Zoe Guilford, Gail Hackston and Annabel Bates
Rink Team Left to Right Zoe Guilford, Gail Hackston and Annabel Bates

When Jane – a tomboy on the brink of her teens – inadvertently flirts with another girl at her local ice rink, she is surprised and amazed when the girl flirts back. Rink is a coming-of-age story about emergence, identity and confidence.

The film aims to tell a gentle and positive coming out story – not everyone comes out with a bang, with many young people trying to understand their feelings for years before finally putting a name to it. Coming out can be more of an evolution or emergence than an announcement, and that is Jane’s story.

The project is lead by award winning writer/director Gail Hackston, alongside producers Zoe Guilford and Annabel Bates. Rink is a short film that has been developed by Film London and the Eastern Edge Film Fund, as a part of their London Calling scheme.

Rink’s young, diverse up-and-coming cast will be announced soon. With filming scheduled to begin in May, organisers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the last of the money needed to fund the production  – and have already raised more than 30% of their target.

There are a range of different rewards available for Kickstarter pledgers, from social media shout-outs to digital previews of the film, and invitations to the official cast and crew screening.

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