REVIEW: BI THE WAY by Lois Shearing

September 4, 2021


by Lois Shearing

This excellent well thought out and balanced book is a much-needed addition to easy to access books around bi, pan and queer experience. Author Shearing is to be congratulated on the dedication and attention to detail that marks this book out.  It works as an introduction to ‘being Bi’ and anthology of authentic Bi experience, examinations of sexuality, gender and intimacy through a Bi lens. Exploration of relationships & language and how being Out Bi can change depending on who and where you are.

Shearing examines difficult subjects with a deft clarity of purpose, affirming and platforming real people’s experience throughout. It’s an engaging read, and if your head it turned by all sorts of folk, and your pulse quickened then the book supports an honest self-exploration of what that can mean and the delights, adventures and life changing experiences you can expect. WIth the chapters all titled with a question, Shearing uses a combination of history, explanation, personal anecdote, observations and other experiences of people interviewed to give a clear understanding of the subject, from looking at prejudicial stereotypes that Bi folk get all the time, to Bi erasure, to identifying and finding the bi community this is a pretty comprehensive book. It’s also a very useful book for anyone striving to understand and empower themselves, tooling you up with fact, research, statistics and historical representations of Bi experiences, advocating for a stronger voice in our LGBTQ+ communities, some of whom are less than inclusion to our Bi siblings.  This is a book that celebrates the glory of Bi life, takes a good hard look at some of the issues that Bi folk face on a daily bases and leaves us full of hope.

Rallying, honest and powerfully written, this is a manifesto for bisexual people everywhere and will empower you to live your most authentic bisexual life.

Out now £12.99

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