Queering Now 酷兒鬧 2021: DREAMALITY

Graham Robson May 11, 2021

Queering Now 酷兒鬧 2021: DREAMALITY, an artist-led online programme of screenings, talks and new performance is to take place online from Saturday, May 29 till Saturday, June 12, featuring the work of 16 queer artists from the Sino/Asian diaspora.

After the pandemic-induced blurring of fantasy and reality, Queering Now 酷兒鬧2021: DREAMALITY responds with a magical digital queer-topia of films, talks and performances, commissioned by Chinese Arts Now and curated by London-based performance artist and Chinese drag king, Whiskey Chow.

This year’s programme gives a platform to the marginalised voices of the Sino/Asian queer diaspora in the West. Retreating from censorship, the imperatives of Western consumption and the eroticisation of Asian queer bodies by the white gaze, Queering Now sees artists April Lin, Bangbang Rudy, Chenta Tsai, LI YILEI, Lu Yang, Mathis Zhang, Ming Wong, Scotty So, Sin Wai Kin (aka Victoria Sin), Su Hui-Yu, Whiskey Chow, Xiao Lu, Yarli Allison, Yau Ching, Yu Cheng-Ta and Zhu Dansiyu explore their relationship with cultural heritage, identity and gender politics.

Whiskey Chow: Masculinism

Whiskey Chow says: “The featured artists share international backgrounds and diasporic experience. They let us reflect on our relationship with Chinese cultural heritage when we live in the West, when we are in-between. They confront cultural taboos, play with stereotypes and claim back the gaze. They visualise the non-binary identity by mastering their digital body, they create their own narrative and agency for placing memories, death and themselves.

Chinese Arts Now is the UK’s leading platform for British Chinese artists working across artforms. It produces and curates high-quality art that is diverse, vibrant and tells Chinese stories in contemporary and innovative ways.

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