Queer/disrupt & Susan Stryker: online event on trans rights

Rachel Badham January 5, 2021

Susan Stryker

Susan Stryker, the maker of renowned trans documentary, Screaming Queens: The Riots at Compton’s Cafeteria, is due to discuss trans rights in an online event, organised by the creators of the queer/disrupt podcast, on Monday January 25. Stryker will be discussing how the struggle for trans rights has evolved since 2005, and will be  joined conversation will be Hannah Ayres, PhD student and convener of queer/disrupt, and E-J Scott, founder of the Museum of Transology.

Stryker’s documentary, which can be viewed online, followed the experiences of trans people living within San Francisco’s Tenderloin district during the 1960s, and a ‘powerful moment’ of queer resistance to police harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria – one of the first LGBTQ+ protests in America. Stryker has also been a long time advocate for trans rights and is a leading voice in the field of trans studies. 

The online event is free and you can register for it here.