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Putting Salt in the Pepperpot!

Besi Besemar January 21, 2015

Residents in Queen’s Park and Hanover have been preparing for winter in their own unique way – by adding salt to the Pepperpot!

Queens Park Pepper Pot, Brighton

THE Queen’s Park Local Action Team and their counterparts in Hanover have been working with Brighton and Hove City Council to provide equipment to spread salt, clear snow and provide safer routes to shops, surgeries and sheltered housing, as part of their local community resilience plan.

Supplies of snow-clearing equipment and salt are now being stored in the Pepperpot Tower on Queen’s Park Road.

If it snows, volunteers from the Friends of the Pepperpot will open the Tower and give out equipment to residents to use in clearing key areas. After the priority work has been done, residents will be able to borrow shovels to help clear their own street, or other locations important to them.

Cllr Geoffrey Bowden
Centre stage: Cllr Geoffrey Bowden


Cllr Geoffrey Bowden, chair of the Queen’s Park Local Action team, said: “When snow falls, it’s important that residents have the necessary equipment on hand to support their neighbours, and what better place to store salt than in the Pepperpot!

“I’m delighted that the council is supporting residents who are keen to muck in and help the more vulnerable members of our community in this way.

“Although many of us enjoy a wintry spell, it’s important to remember that for many of our residents, heavy snow can be a big problem, and for the more vulnerable in our community, the impact can be substantial.”

He added that key locations to be cleared following snowfall include the area around the doctor’s surgery and chemist, some local shops, bus stops, and entry paths or steps to sheltered housing or estate areas.

During severe weather, Queen’s Park and Hanover residents can find information about the initiative and real-time updates online, using Local Action Team and local community websites and social media channels.

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