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January 15, 2019

Bill Smith editor in chief at Latest TV and magazine has his say on the absurdity of moving the Pride Village Party out of the gay village in St James Street and onto Madeira Drive to satisfy a small group of nimbies with homophobic attitudes.

Image Andrew Kay
Image Andrew Kay

LET’S move the England football games from Wembley, let’s move plants from Kew Gardens, let’s move opera from Covent Garden, let’s move the sea from the seafront! All mad ideas and heh I’ve got one more let’s move the Pride Village Party away from the Pride Village ponders Bill Smith editor in chief of Latest TV and magazine.

PRIDE is St James Street and St James Street is proud to be Pride and the home from day one of LGBT+ rights in Brighton and Hove. Are we really saying the seafront is the home of Pride Village Party! Of course not.

Everyone knows the long time rightful home of Pride is St James Street. That’s where the history is, that’s where the memories are and it must not move.

So why are the council even thinking of moving it to the seafront? Why else would they be having a consultation now? When is the consultation on moving The Dome to the seafront? It seems to me just another attack on East Brighton.

The Pride Village Party has always been the best party in town and should remain so. Lloyd Russell-Moyle our MP said at the Pride consultation meeting I attended before Christmas that the businesses in the Village need Pride and with the Marlborough nearby St James Street remains the LGBT+ centre of Brighton 51 weeks a year – so in the LUCRATIVE 52nd week let’s take the party and all the money elsewhere. What a cheek!

Bill Smith editor in chief of Latest TV and magazine
Bill Smith editor in chief of Latest TV and magazine

Are councillors that heartless, that stupid! I don’t think so! Lloyd also said as a resident that he loved The Pride Village Party – as do I. He talks a lot of sense that MP!!

So please readers… tell the Council what you think and let’s keep The FA Cup Final at Wembley and Pride in the Village In St James Street where it’s always been.

Extend it to include the Marlborough too, that makes sense! Nothing else does! As I say Live And Let Live and my friend Macca says Let It Be!

To have your say and complete the Brighton and Hove Council, Pride village party consultation, click here: