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Pride in London announces return for 2021

Rachel Badham February 26, 2021

Pride in London has announced its return for 2021 after the LGBTQ+ event was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event, which usually takes place in June, has been rescheduled for the weekend starting September 11, with further details to come. Michael Salter-Church and Alison Camps, co-chairs of Pride in London, said: “Now we have the roadmap from the government, we’re working closely with the mayor’s office, Westminster City Council and other key bodies in London to finalise what our plans will look like.”

Pride in London 2017

They continued: “We’ll be announcing further details of the event, including what format it will take and how to participate or volunteer, in due course. We will continue to monitor and adhere to the necessary health guidance. Naturally we can’t wait to bring all of our wonderful communities together again and stand with them to champion LGBTQ+ rights across the capital and beyond.” 

Many expressed excitement for the event, with LGBTQ+ activist Monty Moncrieff tweeting: “Yay! Great to see that Pride in London will be back this year, albeit a little later. By crikey do we all need out there and be fabulously queer.” Another Twitter user said: “Amazing news! Can’t wait to celebrate all things rainbow with my beautiful LGBTQ+ community and family at Pride in London September 2021. I miss all my beautiful chosen LGBTQ+ family so much.”