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Re-scheduled Brighton Pride dog show today – Sunday, October 14

Besi Besemar October 14, 2018

Following the cancellation of the Pride Dog Show in July due to inclement weather, the event has been rescheduled for today,  Sunday, October 14.

EVERYONE previously entered has been contacted by email and will have their entry categories automatically transferred to the new event which is at Preston Park on Sunday, October 14, starting at noon. New entries will also be taken on the day from 11am.

It’s time to pamper those pooches and paw your way to one of Brighton’s most accessible free events as Pride celebrate our four-legged best friends with a day of fun and barking frolics, as dogs and dog lovers come together and shine with Pride.

Run in association with Coastway Vets, the Pride Dog show will feature awards for numerous categories, retail stalls, a glamorous catwalk doggy fashion show, bar and refreshments.

Industry professionals will be overseeing all entries and judging each category, ensuring every star pooch gets the recognition their proud paws deserve.

CATEGORIES/Show Times.Novelty Ring
12.00 Waggiest tail
12.25 Handsome dog – 5yrs
12.50 Prettiest Bitch – 5yrs
13.15 Handsome dog – 5yrs
13.40 Prettiest Bitch – 5yrs
14.05 Best Rescue
14.30 Best Fancy Dress
14.55 Dog most like owner
15.20 Dog judge would take home
15.40 Temptation Alley
16.10 Sausage catcher

Pedigree/Condition Ring
12.20 AV Puppy
12.40 AV Toy
13.00 AV Gundog
13.20 AV Terrier
13.40 AV Utility
14.00 AV Working + Pastoral
14.20 AV Hound
14.40 AV Open
15.00 AV Veteran

15.40 Condition Dog
16.00 Condition Bitch
16.20 Condition Oldie