‘Pride at the Ironworks’ to support Brighton Rainbow Fund

Graham Robson June 25, 2021

After the success of 2020’s summer digital festival, Brighton & Hove Pride is excited that its cultural programme for 2021: ‘Pride at the Ironworks’ supported by Tesco, an extensive season of smaller LGBTQ+ cultural events supporting LGBTQ+ artists and the wider community, will continue fundraising for the Brighton Rainbow Fund, which supports and distributes funds to local LGBTQ+ and HIV charities, organisations and community groups who do essential work all year round.

With the ongoing challenges that Covid-19 continues to bring, fundraising for these essential local charities and community groups has never been more important. While organisers are unable to hold large scale Pride events, Pride at the Ironworks will allow them to ensuring that every ticket sold will include a charitable donation to the Brighton Rainbow Fund.

Chris Gull, chair of the Brighton Rainbow Fund, said: “Brighton & Hove Pride is once again proving that they really are ‘A Pride with Purpose’. Fundraising for all our local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects has been at the core of everything that they do, and we are honoured to be trusted to distribute the funds in a fair way, according to need.

“We’re looking forward to hearing about the events that they have planned for this year, and to seeing the benefits that the funds that they raise bring to our communities.”

Since 2013 Brighton & Hove Pride has raised almost one million pounds for local LGBTQ+ and HIV charities, community groups, social impact organisations and cultural activities in Brighton & Hove, the vast majority of it distributed through the Brighton Rainbow Fund to specific LGBTQ+ projects that make a fundamental difference to the lives of hundreds of people in our communities.

To make the cultural programme accessible to all members of the community, Pride will be offering a number of discounted tickets for every performance. Sign up to the Stage Door list to keep up to date with events and news.