PREVIEW: LGBT History Club #6

Besi Besemar March 24, 2017

The sixth LGBT History Club organised by Queer in Brighton returns to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery on Sunday, March 26.

This month Stuart Feather will be reading from his book Blowing the Lid: Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution and Radical Queens.

Stuart joined the Gay Liberation Front in October 1970 and was with it to the bitter end in 1974.

This event will also feature a Q&A panel with Stuart and members of the Sussex branch of the GLF hosted by Jane Traies.

For some years Jane has been recording the experiences of the oldest generations of lesbians in the UK. Some of these stories feature in her book The Lives of Older Lesbians: Sexuality, Identity and the Life Course (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). She continues to collect the reminiscences of women born before 1950 who identify as lesbian or bisexual, and her next project is to publish a collection of these life-stories.

Jane and some of her interviewees appeared in the short film Now You See Me (Esme Waldron, 2016).

Event: LGBT History Club #6

Where: Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

When: Sunday March 26

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Cost: The event is FREE – but click here to RSVP so they know how much cake to bring along!

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