PREVIEW: Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club – Queer History Open Mic Session 

April 12, 2019

Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club are mixing things up a little bit for their next session and making space for the huge wealth of LGBTQ+ historical knowledge that exists in our communities.

IT’S your chance to tell a story or just go along and listen.

Six slots are on offer for micro presentations to members of the Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club crowd.

♦  Have you been working on a piece of personal queer research you’d love to share?
♦  Do you have a lesser known LGBTQ+ historical anecdote you want to tell?
♦  Could you shine a light on an LGBTQ+ legend from Brighton’s past?
♦  They’d love to hear from you at

Join them for an afternoon of historical show and tell, discover what fellow queers in the community have been collecting, investigating and researching to discover the wealth of queer stories, anecdotes, and research that our communities hold.

Event:  Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club – Queer History Open Mic Session

Where: Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, 12A Pavilion Parade, Brighton BN1 1EE

When: Sunday, April 28

Time: 2.30pm

Cost: Free event

The LGBTQ+ History Club is open to all (18+) and free. Booking however is necessary as the Club is very popular and capacity is limited. To reserve a free ticket online, click here: