Portraying LGBT characters on the big screen is still a big deal

A lesbian film starring Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel portrays a same-sex wedding in the theaters.

Katherine Heigl: Photo by Tiffany Laufer

Katherine Heigl: Photo by Tiffany Laufer

It’s surreal that a lesbian lead role in a movie with a theatrical release is a big deal, but it is.

Following The Kids Are All Right and Pariah, Jenny’s Wedding is contributing to our film history, and with the global debate around marriage equality, this is a monumental moment in film history for the queer community because this film is portraying a same-sex wedding. All that being said, this film isn’t just about being gay. Yes, the film spotlights a lesbian lead character, and yes, the film revolves around her wedding, but Jenny’s Wedding has depth and a storyline that goes beyond sexual orientation.

Jenny’s Wedding is about Jenny, played by Heigl (Gray’s Anatomy, Knocked Up), and her journey with coming out to her family and getting married in her rural, conventional hometown. The film explores what happens when we’re confronted with something outside of our norm and how that confrontation makes us reevaluate our lives and ourselves. Jenny’s Wedding explores the evolution of her relationship with her family after coming out, and the personal growth and journey that each character goes through in result of Jenny coming out.

Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel:

Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel: Photo by Tiffany Laufer

Jenny and her family are conventional people who don’t like standing out, and through this experience they’re all ousted outside of their comfort zone together as Jenny’s wedding puts her homosexuality front and center in a town with a non-existent LGBT culture. Their way of life and who they are is being questioned. To save their relationships, and to continue to grow strong as a family, they all need to look at themselves and push past their personal limits in order to live outside of their comfort zone, and eventually to expand and change their comfort zone.

Jenny’s Wedding is an independent film that will have a theatrical release, but it’s not your average queer indie film. The movie is being created and supported by a lot of individuals within Hollywood.

It’s the brainchild of screenwriter Mary Agnes Donoghue who penned Beaches, White Oleander and Veronica Guerin. The film is loosely inspired by her niece coming out to her family, and is written, directed and co-produced by Donoghue.

The film is also produced by Michelle Manning, who produced many films, including Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, and Gail Levin, who was the casting director of many films, including Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, and We Bought a Zoo.


The talent is also reflected on camera with an incredible ensemble cast, starring Heigl as Jenny, with Bledel (Gilmore Girls, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) playing her fiancé, and with Tom Wilkinson (John Adams, The Debt), Linda Emond (Across the Universe, Julia & Julia) and Grace Gummer (Zero Hour, The Newsroom) playing Jenny’s family.

As with a lot of independent films, it’s also a low budget film, and they’re raising money on Indiegogo to fund the soundtrack, which is an essential aspect of any film. They have partnered with From the Heart Productions, Inc, which makes your contribution tax-deductible. Also, a portion of your contribution will be donated to PFLAG Cleveland, a nonprofit organisation based in the states that both rallies together and supports parents, families and friends of LGBT people to support the LGBT community.

You will also get perks from your contributions, from a digital download of the film, to the DVD/Blue-Ray Combo Pack, to autographed memorabilia from the set.

Jenny’s Wedding is going to have a positive impact on the LGBT community, as well as an impact on how heteronormative society sees same-sex couples, same-sex weddings and LGBT people.

Through this Indiegogo campaign, we have an opportunity to be a part of this change (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-the-filmmakers-of-jenny-s-wedding/x/486617).

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