Polish gay couple Jakub and David unfold Rainbow Flag at the Vatican

Graham Robson August 25, 2020

Polish gay couple Jakub and David unfolded the Rainbow Flag in front of Pope Francis during Angelus prayer in the Vatican last week. On the flag they wrote one word addressed to the Pope: ‘HELP!’

Jakub and David, who returned with the flag at St Peter’s Square several times last week, came to the Vatican from Poland to draw the Pope’s attention to what is happening in their country.

Jakub and David said: ‘Polish bishops call us paedophiles, they say we are a disease and even Covid-19 is a punishment for LGBTQ+ sins.

‘Our local authorities, inspired by the Catholic Church, create ‘LGBTQ+ Free Zones’ in Poland. We believe that all these actions don’t go along with Pope Francis’ teaching so we did it to encourage him to take action.’