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Polish activists sued by ‘LGBTQ+ free’ zones

Rachel Badham July 29, 2021

A group of LGBTQ+ activists in Poland have been sued by a handful of so-called ‘LGBTQ+ free’ zones for creating an interactive map, otherwise known as the Atlas of Hate, detailing which areas in the country have anti-queer regulations in place. The red zones of the map illustrate regions in Poland that are officially LGBTQ+ free zones, with the activists now coming under attack from some of these areas.

LGBTQ+ free zones in Poland

All Out has started a fund to help the group prepare for the legal battle, saying: “A group of four brave activists has been charting these regions of hate with an interactive map, bringing international attention to this vile attack on the human rights of LGBTQ+ Poles…This is an outrageous attack on freedom of speech and the right of the activists to pursue their legitimate and important human rights work.”

Poland has shown increased hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community since the re-election of anti-LGBTQ+ president, Andrzej Duda, last year, whose discriminatory policies breach the codes laid out in European Charter of Fundamental Rights. There are now over 100 LGBTQ+ free zones in Poland, which have all signed pledges agreeing to ‘oppose acts of tolerance’ towards the queer community.