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PICTURE DIARY: Doctor Brightons – a night to remember!

Besi Besemar July 15, 2018

It was billed as a closing party following the brewery’s decision not to renew their lease for Doctor Brightons with Brighton & Hove City Council.

A LAST minute decision by the Council, following an open tender process, to offer Charles Child, the sitting tenant, a new 15 year lease, and what was supposed to be a closing party became a celebration of what is to come.

The term Old Skool is often misused and misunderstood, but on Saturday night (July 14) Brighton seafront rocked to Old Skool DJs playing Old Skool tunes to Old Skool clubbers. And no one was more Old Skool than the evenings’ hostess, Stephanie Starlet, looking as glamorous as she did when she was Old Skool. It was all very intoxicating!

Recent winner of the Favourite Mixed Venue at the Golden Handbag Awards – anyone not really understanding what makes a mixed venue different from a gay venue, need look no further. Doctor Brightons is the real thing, authentic, cool and a space where you can be yourself with your friends, no matter their gender or sexuality.

Everyone was out to have a blast. No bitching, no attitude and all choreographed by the new Golden Handbag Landlord of the Year, Charles Child.

Every naughty boy and a few of the naughty girls there made it a night to remember reminding us mere onlookers how we all used to party when we were much younger.

Doctor Brightons was packed to the rafters all night as everyone relived those legendary pre Wild Fruit nights and hopefully looked forward to coming out to play more often in the future.

Photos courtesy Tyrone Darling.

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