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Petition calls for ban on wild animals in circuses

Alice Blezard May 7, 2015

A petition is calling for three Conservative parliamentary candidates to stop blocking a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses if they are re-elected.

WEB.600DOZENS of animals are still kept in captivity and used in travelling circuses around the UK including lions, tigers, zebras and camels. And yet, a new law that is aiming to ban this use of wild animals in circuses has been repeatedly blocked by three Tory MPs as it goes through parliament.

The petition, which is hosted on the Care2 website, is demanding that Conservative candidates Andrew Rosindell, Christopher Chope and Phillip Davies stop blocking the ban should they be re-elected in the elections on May 7.

With the parliamentary candidates standing in Romford, Christchurch and Shipley, Care2 campaigner Emily Logan is hoping that voters in these areas will consider their candidate’s position on circus animals when they are deciding who to vote for.

The ban on the use of wild animals in circuses has previously had the backing of all major parties, and 90% of the British public, yet it was blocked by the three Tories when they were MPs in the last parliament.

Logan said: “Using wild animals in circuses for our ‘entertainment’ is outdated and cruel. By repeatedly blocking the bill in the last parliament against public opinion, they have shown that they are not willing to represent the views of their constituents, or to protect animals from abuse. We hope that they take note of the Care2 petition and pledge not to block a future ban. However, I expect that for a ban to pass in the next parliament it is crucial that these three MPs are not re-elected.”

With the petition accumulating more than 162,000 signatures so far, it has also gained support from the British Veterinary Association, and the RSPCA.

To sign the petition, click here: