PALAVER! @ Cambridge Junction

Alex Klineberg October 22, 2021

PALAVER! is a new development programme and arts festival. It presents queer-positive performances and workshops to kids aged 3-8 and family audiences. The program was created by Adam Carver – AKA Fatt Butcher – and it takes place at Cambridge Junction at the end of October.

Populist narratives have become more hostile to LGBT+ people in recent years, especially in regards to gender identity. PALAVER! seeks to redress the balance, presenting LGBT+ people in a more positive light. The performers include Vijay Patel, Harry Clayton-Wright, Yshee Black, Emma Frankland, Katy Baird.

“Labs include producer support, production and development resources, and test performance opportunities. Each lab will be followed by additional development time, culminating in the creation of 5 performance extracts ready for development into full-scale productions.”

“AUDIENCES: offering a public programme of queer positive children & family performance work at Cambridge Junction, building an audience development model for queer-positive family programming.”

“Audiences can join us at three Sunday morning PALAVER PARTIES, bringing together disco, drag, dress-up, games, and scratch performances of work created on development labs suitable for children aged 3-8 (and their grown-ups too) on 12th September, 3rd and 17th October.”

The main event will be PALAVER FESTIVAL on Thursday 28th October. Expect a whole day of family friendly performances. There will be six new performance pieces – all developed throughout the project.

“PALAVER is conceived and delivered by midlands based queer company Fatt Projects’s (lead by Artistic Director Adam Carver), PALAVER is supported by Cambridge Junction through their Vision Mixer’s programme, Marlborough Productions, and Arts Council, England.”

The events will include costume making, a disco, storytelling and music. The festival will be hosted by Drag Race UK’s Ginny Lemon.

Here’s the lineup:

From 10am: Fun activities across the building
11am-12pm: Performances from Yshee Black & Harry Clayton-Wright
1-2pm: Performances from Vijay Patel, Emma Frankland & Katy Baird
3-5pm : Palaver Party featuring Ginny Lemon & Symoné

You can book your tickets here.

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