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OneFamily calls on businesses to support Brighton Pride Online

July 31, 2020

OneFamily, a local provider of financial solutions and official partner of Brighton & Hove Pride, is calling on the city’s businesses to support this year’s Brighton & Hove Digital Pride Festival: We Are FABULOSO, which takes place online on Friday, August 31, Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2. We Are FABULOSO is FREE to view and you can SUBSCRIBE by CLICKING HERE.

OneFamily’s CEO, Teddy Nyahasha, thinks it’s important to celebrate and help those local good causes and charities that rely on the funding raised by Pride.

He said: ‘Celebrating this year’s Brighton & Hove Pride is going to be an altogether different experience to the colourful and exciting spectacle that we usually enjoy in August.  

‘However, Pride is more than just a party, it’s the anchor for all the campaigning, celebrating and fundraising that has happened over the last 30 years. The FABULOSO dancing and sparkly costumes may not be on the city’s streets, but we still need to support Pride’s richness of social purpose and the good causes it funds.

‘We’ve been promised a fantastic online festival this year and, although we’re socially distanced, now is definitely the time to get up, join in and make some noise from the safety of our own homes. 

‘It’s an opportunity to reflect and applaud everything that Pride has achieved, the inequalities that it highlights and still fights to overcome.

‘In fact, I think we have a duty to celebrate Pride this year – as loudly, proudly and as colourfully as we can!’

The full schedule of We Are FABULOSO can be viewed by CLICKING HERE!