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New Lovefitcafe opens in central Brighton

Besi Besemar May 22, 2013

Lovefitcafe, Brighton

Jason Bright and his business partner, Steve Lampard have opened their second branch of Lovefitcafe at 110 Queens Road, Brighton. Their original Lovefitcafe at 14 Brighton Square, has proved a big hit since it opened and continues to serve up healthy options.

The new cafe is stylish in design and perfectly located between two of the city’s busiest gyms. Healthy food and drinks are the order of the day at Lovefitcafe while those nasty saturated fats remain the enemy.

Lovefitcafe offer healthy breakfasts, lunches, drinks and even do take away for those determined to be careful about what they put into their bodies daily.

How exactly is the food healthier for you?

• They use only light mayonnaise (half the calories and fat but all the flavour)
• They use Lo-Salt which helps reduce your sodium intake.
• They only use wholemeal bread or multi seed baguettes.
• Panini’s are sourced to have low saturated fat.
• Their cheeses are high protein not high fat.
• Sausages are low fat and bacon is rind less.
• The hot choc is low fat.
• They use organic semi-skimmed milk not full fat as standard for coffees.
• Even their tomato ketchup is reduced salt and sugar.

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