New LGBTU group at Brighton Housing Trust

Besi Besemar April 18, 2015

Brighton Housing Trust is running a new LGBTU group to provide support and encourage friendship for the Brighton and Hove LGBTU community who are clients of BHT or who are homeless, living in temporary accommodation or “sofa surfing”.

Brighton Housing TrustTHE group is held at First Base in Montpelier Place every second Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

There are lots of different activities including cooking groups, LGBTU film nights, quizzes and much more. They provide a safe environment where LGBTU people who feel vulnerable can be who they want to be without feeling judged or ostracised.

Dedicated to empowering people, the group hosts a number of different workshop sessions covering LGBTU life, hate crime reporting, sexual health, life skills and lots more. These workshops are designed to help tackle the increasing issue of social isolation and discrimination from within the LGBTU community.

The LGBTU group are also planning a theatre production. The play will describe how people have come to embrace their sexuality and how homelessness has affected their ability to feel part of the LGBTU community as a whole.

Please feel free to contact the LGBTU group for more information.

To contact the group:

Email: Travis Cox or telephone: 01273 326844

Email: Isla Mackintosh or telephone: 01273 929392