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New LGBT+ student dating site

Besi Besemar December 15, 2017 is a new social network based in Brighton that helps students connect with each other for a variety of purposes including help with finding a date.

Why is this site/app different?

To register on the site/app students must use their academic email address provided by Sussex or Brighton university/college which will end in “”.

This feature helps to ensure that only genuine students can create a profile. There are therefore no fake profiles or profiles imported from other dating sites.

When creating a profile, students looking for a date can select they are looking for a same-sex date.

The site, which is supported by an app, is free to join and easy to use.

Luke Jeffers, founder of said: “Students who are unsure about their sexuality may find this site useful for connecting with other students at a similar stage or with more experienced gay students who can give them advice.  Not every student is confident about going into gay bars or to their LGBT+ university society. As a gay man myself I know I would have found this site useful when I was a student for reaching out to other gay students even if it was only to chat online and not feel isolated and different.”

As well as dating helps students find a flat or flatmate, a travel companion or other students to network with to share ideas and get advice from. The Events Page on the site allows students to advertise events free to all other students.

There are currently students from the UK, USA, Spain and the Middle East using the site.