PREVIEW: New film based on life of trans activist and model Corey Rae

Graham Robson June 27, 2019

Red Crown Productions acquire rights to Harry Tarre’s screenplay, QUEEN, based on the inspiring true story of trans activist and model Corey Rae.

QUEEN’s script is an intimate portrayal of Rae’s real life high school transition process and how she became the world’s first openly transgender prom queen.

Daniel Crown and Yoni Liebling of Red Crown Productions will produce the film, with executive producers will be Corey Rae and Harry Tarre, along with Amanda Crown, the Creative Executive, who brought the picture to Red Crown Productions.

Daniel Crown, founder of Red Crown Productions, said: “Corey Rae is an inspiration and we are honoured to bring her story to the screen and continue to spread her mission and engage conversation among audiences and communities.Upon reading the script, we immediately realised the importance of this project and her journey became a priority to share with others.”

Corey Rae, added: “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Red Crown. My goal is to shed light on happy transgender experiences through film and I’m hoping this story will resonate with the LGBT+ community and the world beyond it.”