New app launches for those seeking LGBTQ+ support

Graham Robson March 10, 2022

Jake Hambleton and Graham Reese have co-founded RoundaboutUK, a free app to act as a one stop shop for those seeking sources of LGBTQ+ support. Log into the app and it will pick up where you are, and share location specific information, wherever you are in the UK.

Jake and Graham (Gray) were working together to deliver Newbury Pride, and for Jake it was a real revelation about the power of community and communication. For Gray it was the observation that there are fewer ‘gay’ venues, that the LGBTQ+ scene is diminishing, and the realisation that the role that his local gay pub, and the community that gathered there, were instrumental in providing the support and information that he needed to negotiate living as a gay man, and that this is disappearing.

Jake and Graham

RoundaboutUK is now ready to launch after months of intensive work from the co-founders and Martyn Olden and Matt Reese, and of course Brighton is represented in the first roll out, with the Brighton Rainbow Fund, the Ledward Centre and the Village MCC already registered, and talks with other service providers are currently going on.

The launch is in Reading on March 25. For more info CLICK HERE