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Namibia moving to abolish laws banning same-sex relations

Rachel Badham May 30, 2021

Namibia is due to become the next country to abolish a Colonial-era law that outlaws same-sex relations between men, with justice minister Yvonne Dausab due to propose new regulations to the cabinet shortly. A recent report by the Law Reform and Development Commission stated that Namibia’s anti-sodomy codes are rarely enforced, but create a “hostile” environment for the country’s LGBTQ+ citizens.

Justice minister Yvonne Dausab will propose the eradication of the Colonial-era law to the cabinet

According to The Namibian, the report stated that the laws violate the fundamental rights of individuals while enforcing intolerant attitudes, adding: “These attributes make the laws in question very likely unconstitutional.” Omar van Reenen, founder of the Namibia Equal Rights Movement, said the government needs to acknowledge the damage caused by the laws, and “must now promote and protect the LGBTQ+ community and champion a Namibia equal rights bill.”

While Namibia is moving to abolish its laws against same-sex relations, same-sex marriage continues to be illegal and LGBTQ+ citizens have no protections from discrimination. South Africa is currently the only area in the continent where marriage equality laws are enforced and LGBTQ+ people are legally recognised.