Miss Hope Springs: Christmas A Gogo

Alex Klineberg October 26, 2021

Cabaret legend Miss Hope Springs is heading to Crazy Coqs in London for a festive special. She returns (she’s always returning) to the West End with the umpteenth reprisal of her ground-breaking 1971 Granada TV special ‘Christmas Agogo!’- an un-aired classic. She’ll be singing her festive songs and chronicling her life, from the glamorous times to the seedy clubs of Pigalle. She’s been around – many times – and she’s back (again).

Miss Hope Springs is an homage to the great ladies of American showbiz from Hollywood’s Golden Age. When we last spoke to her she explained her character’s evolution: “My inspiration for Miss Hope Springs is kinda obvious. It’s the showbiz lady of a certain era. The never made it as opposed to a has-been. Difficult for me to say this now she’s playing the Wigmore Hall. She has sort of made it now. She’s having overnight success after forty-five years.”

Ty Jeffries is the man behind Miss Hope Springs, so to speak. He/She writes all the material, so this is not a lip-synch show. It’s all very much live and the songs are all original.

Miss Hope Springs

According to the lady herself she’ll be “leaving behind the comfort of her Dungeness campervan, La Springs rummages under her slightly wilted Christmas tree to unpack a glittering array of ridiculously catchy all-original self-penned festive numbers and regale with scandalous showbiz stories from her Ritz to the pits life. She’ll sprinkle a frosting of vintage Vegas glitz as she takes you on a cocklewarming trip down memory lane. She might even spill the beans on that night she spent with the Engelbert Humperdink impersonator at the Blue Lotus Motel in the Mojave Desert…” What better way to welcome the festive season?

Crazy Coqs is part of Brasserie Zédel. It’s a fabulous Belle Epoch style cabaret room. It’s the top cabaret venue in England. It’s an ideal setting for an artist like Miss Hope Springs. It’s very much a destination venue.

If you like world weary humour, post-war bohemia and cabaret then this is a show you won’t want to miss. Miss Hope Springs approaches the archetype of the fading diva with respect, wit and a lot of pizazz. Remember, she is big, it’s the pictures that got small: even though she was never in any of them.

The show will also be coming to Rockwater Hove on 14th Dec.