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Minister to address LGB Education Conference

Besi Besemar June 6, 2013

WEB.600The Stonewall Education for All Conference takes place on July 5 at the Barbican, and will include a keynote speech from the Education Secretary, Michael Gove MP, as well as a series of workshops to help schools learn how to prevent homophobia.

Michael Gove, MP
Michael Gove, MP

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Research by the University of Cambridge for Stonewall’s School Report 2012 found that over half of gay young people are bullied in Britain’s schools, with serious consequences for attainment and future educational plans. The Stonewall Education for All Conference will help reduce bullying and improve young people’s experiences by giving teachers a chance to hear practical recommendations from leading local authorities, headteachers, role models and young people themselves on how to tackle homophobia.

This year’s conference runs alongside the new Stonewall Youth Conference, where young people will learn how they can play a part themselves in stopping homophobic bullying. Young people will hear from gay role models from the Armed Forces, TV and other industries, and will have a chance to develop their own anti-bullying campaigns.

Stonewall Head of Education Wes Streeting, said:

Too many gay young people go to school terrified of being bullied because of the way they were born. Thankfully teachers and young people across Britain are working hard with Stonewall to help change that. The Education for All Conference will help schools work even harder to make sure classrooms are welcoming places for all kinds of young people.”

The Stonewall Education for All Conference is supported by media partner the Times Educational Supplement.