Mike Dalley R.I.P.

March 2, 2013

MIke Dalley

Mike Dalley the owner of Cardome, the greeting card shop on St James Street, has passed away after a short illness.

Mike was passionate about Brighton and especially about living and operating his business in St James Street, part of the “Gay Village”.

First and foremost Mike believed and supported the concept of community and  gave short shrift to those who he felt did not “get it”.

James Ledward, editor of Gscene, said:

“Mike was old school and told it exactly as he saw it. This would sometimes upset people. He did not care and that was his most endearing quality. I went to see him in the hospital on Wednesday, he was clearly losing the will to fight on. When I left him, the last thing he said to me was to make sure that the police stopped cyclists, cycling down St James Street the wrong way. Something he felt passionately about. Right to the end and when he was in great pain his main concern remained about making the “gay village” and the community where he lived, a better and safer place for people to be. I liked and loved Mike a great deal. He was a great fighter for this community”

Simon Burgess, former Leader of the Council and former chair St James’s Area Action Group, said:

“Mike was an extraordinary character known throughout St.James’s Street and beyond, he could always cheer up a room with his naughty grin or a caustic remark. He was a real community minded business person, few people do so much for those around them, for instance there would never have been Christmas lights in St.James’s without him. I can’t quite imagine life without his facebook comments – a truly wonderful person.” 

Local hairdresser and friend Johan van der Merwe, said:

“We have lost a dear friend and true campaigner for the St James’s area.  Mike worked 7 days a week in his two shops, and then found the time to sit in his favourite chair in the Townhouse restaurant, reading the paper and chatting to all who came in. Many popping in just to see Mike.  We would sit and discuss politics, Pride and community issues. Mike’s vision was always to make St James’s Street a destination rather than a bus thoroughfare.  We will continue with his dream and make this the wonderful area what we all believe it can be.  As we know Mike’s big issue was cyclists on the footpath and cyclists who cycled the wrong way down St James Street.  I think we will win this battle in his name.  Perhaps we should introduce the “Mike Dalley cycle path”, to allow all to travel safely on the streets. Mike, we will always love you.”