Margate Pride to return with two-week-long queer arts festival in August

Graham Robson June 23, 2022

From small beginnings, Margate Pride is blossoming into a nationally known must-attend fabulous queer grassroots Pride. Now in its 7th year, Margate Pride has doubled in size each year, presenting an authentic, arts and culture based festival for the whole community to get involved in. This year’s Pride will see a two-week-long queer arts festival in August, culminating in a joyful Pride procession where everyone is welcome to celebrate all of Thanet’s queerness and LGBTQ+ life.

Set in the camp seaside town of Margate, the festival is known as an authentic, grassroots celebration, drawing together diverse elements of the community, with everyone from the local RNLI and other emergency services to local artists, community groups and activists joining together to support the cause. Free to attend and open to all. 

Organisers of Margate Pride say: “We seek to advance equity and justice for LGBTQ+ people in all communities across the Kent and beyond by:

  • “Harnessing our events, creative resources, fundraising and advocacy efforts to address root causes of discrimination impacting the LGBTQ+ community;
  • Supporting community leaders and organisations that work to eliminate long-standing barriers to equal access, opportunities, and resources for LGBTQ+ people; and
  • Expanding and deepening the level of engagement among all LGBTQ+ people and allies, including people who are economically, racially, socially, geographically, or politically disenfranchised.”

Margate Pride takes place on Saturday, August 13 with parade from 4pm from Oval Bandstand; Margate Pride Festival runs from August 5 to 20 and there is year-round programming.

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