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Manchester holds Reclaim Pride march

Rachel Badham August 31, 2021

LGBTQ+ activists held a Reclaim Pride march to coincide with the official Manchester Pride event as a protest against the “silence” from Pride leaders on trans rights and banning conversion therapy. Ahead of the weekend, Reclaim Pride organisers said that the event “aims to give you an opportunity to make your strength of feeling heard, and to make sure that all of Manchester hears it.”

Photo: Manchester Evening News

It criticised the official Manchester Pride event, arguing it has become a “paid for party” that excludes many members of the LGBTQ+ community. Hundreds attended the Reclaim Pride march, with Reclaim Pride Liverpool tweeting: “Well done to all involved, this is what pride SHOULD look like.” Attendees also praised organisers, with one saying: “Really empowered and PROUD to be part of the @MCRPrideProtest…It was incredibly organised – and overflowing with the community collective, ownership and spirit of Pride.”

The march was partially interrupted after attendees noticed a man wearing a t-shirt and hat featuring the logo for the anti-trans LGB Alliance. However, the man was escorted away by police, with one marcher capturing the event on video and tweeting: “Like it or not, Pride is a community event. And the community spoke as one to say, “Transphobia is not welcome here.”