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Lunch Positive thank their M.A.C. volunteers

Besi Besemar November 24, 2014

M.A.C. Cosmetics have helped Lunch Positive, the HIV lunch club throughout the last year by providing a team of employees who volunteer at the Friday lunch club and help with fundraising.

M.A.C. Volunteers at Lunch Positive

THEY ATTENDED their last session at Lunch Positive on Friday, October 31 where a celebration meal was prepared by the team, and shared with Lunch Positive members and volunteers.

During the last year twelve M.A.C. employees have given 170 hours of their time at Lunch Positive. When not volunteering, in their paid roles with M.A.C. they have been involved in selling the Viva Glam range of cosmetics, the proceeds of which all contribute to their companies global AIDS Fund.

Gary Pargeter, Lunch Positive Volunteer Project Manager, said: “M.A.C. volunteering this year has made a huge difference to us. They have been a fantastic team, kind, hardworking, enthusiastic and ready to get involved in anything that needed doing. They have helped in all areas at the lunch club, prepared food for fundraising events, and also cooked, served and helped clear up at our Community Café at Pride. It’s been rewarding for everyone, and great fun!

“Our own volunteers have really enjoyed working alongside new people, and our members have seen at first hand the understanding, empathy and supportiveness that exists from people who want to get to know and help our community. Many people have commented on the active challenge to HIV stigma as a result of M.A.C. being so actively involved in our work. We’ve made good friends, and are sure that will continue. Our huge thanks to everyone involved!”