Lost Soul Kitchen @ Brighton Rocks: Delivery/collect fresh hand made food from local LGBTQ+ Chef

May 12, 2020

Heading up the stove in Brighton Rocks –  Rock Street,  Lost Soul Kweer Kitchen is bringing you vegan bites and seriously tasty beef burger/sandwiches alongside Tap beers & Ciders from Good Things Brewing Company and fresh local Kemptown coffee throughout the Coronavirus restrictions.

The kitchen remains open for delivery and collection.  (You can also collect  beer/coffee in person from the Bar via the Fisherman’s* Hatch)

They are an LGBTQ+ business, and Chef Kerri has been cooking, sourcing and feeding LGBTQ+ Brighton for more than 20 years. Keri previously had the Kitchen Kultur at Brighton cult favourite Northern Lights Bar.

Menu highlights include:

Fusion Soul Burger – Grilled Belly of Pork in Char Sui sauce, Beef Patty, Cheese Sauce, Caramelised Onions, Mustard Mayo

Szechuan  – Crushed Peanuts, Szechuan Sauce, Fresh Pickles

Vegan Korean  – Smokey Cheese Sauce, Korean BBQ Sauce, Fresh Pickles

Gscene thought we would check them out, for our take-away treat. So we ordered the original Fusion Soul burger, which was ready very quickly when we ordered it. Kerri is Kwick!

This thick, delicious and fabulously filthy burger was a feasting delight. This is how to do comfort food when comfort is in such short supply.  All hand made and locally sourced this burger has slow cooked Belly pork with char sui bbq sauce, cheese fondue, fresh pickles , house miso mayo, hand made organic potato bread buns, and 100% beef from their St James St local butcher.

Our first bite was a savoury cheesy munch of heaven, the tastes mingling on the tongue, each picking out its own definite taste bud to bounce up and down on in glee. The meat was amazing, beautifully cooked, a mouthful of Burger Brilliance.  Pork fell apart on our hungry tongue, melting away into a sensational taste. Beef was cooked perfectly, tasing like Sussex grilled to perfection. Pickles having just the right amount of Zing, onion crisp and aromatic and the freshly baked potato bun/bread wrapping this substantial burger up in a tasting topping off. Lordy that cheese fondu sauce is seductive..

Kerri told us she spent as much time making sure the Vegan burgers were as substantial and tasty as the other on offer and said she was looking at introducing JackFruit burgers over the next month, so keep your eyes peeled for that on the menu. The Vegan burgers certainly looked as tasty as the one we had ordered.

We thought Lost Soul Kitchen great value for money and our burger was HUGE, stuffed full, hot, fresh and seriously satisfying. So much juicy meat, put together with care and by someone who likes people to ear well.  If you’re bored of your own home cooking and want something fresh, locally scoured which is supporting local LGBTQ businesses then check out Lost Soul Kitchen you can order direct from UberEats here.  Or call if you’d rather collect: 01273 600550

Collection also gets 10% off. 

Head Chef Kerri @lost soul kitchen said

‘In these strange times we are trying to keep going so we have stripped our usual full menu down to some tasty basics to fill you up for a range of meal ideas and prices. This new menu has been put on Uber eats, you can view and order directly here but it’s still freshly made, good quality food.

It’s all hand made from the fresh potato burger buns and sauces to the local British beef from D&D butcher on St James Street.

So, if it’s beef or vegan fresh dirty comfort food you’re after not to mention the cheese fondue fries, accompanied by a perfect selection of craft beers or fresh local coffee from Brighton Rocks Bar then I’m ya Gal.’

Kerri added ‘My fondue fries tickled the fancy of the  Brighton Burger Bureau review crew who said-

‘Every now and then something exciting pops up on our radar. Lost Soul Kitchen, (based out of @brightonrocksbar in kemp town) falls into that category!

These are some of the best burgers we have eaten in a long time. It’s not hard to see why. Literally everything is made from scratch, from the patties to the pickling of the pickles, all of the sauces. Even the potato bread buns are handmade (which are great by the way. Kerri who runs the kitchen used to be a baker). I seriously think they will be pushing for top spot in our burger league. The Char Sui Soul burger was mind blowingly good. I urge you to check these out! They are mega!!!!”

Please support your local independent LGBTQ business during the CORVID19 crisis.

You can phone your order in for collection or order from Uber eats. Or if you’re locals then combine your daily exercise or constitutional mince to pick up your order and/or buy Tap beer, poured into 2 pint containers that self-seal, collect at the fishermen’s hatch in Rock Street.


The Brighton Rocks Fisherman’s* hatch, established in 1796 is observing full social distancing protocols  and is cleaned between each majestic shoving out of the arm from the Hatch of Tasty Treats. If you’re lucky you may catch a fleeting glimpse of the fabulous forearms of Kerri, strong & lithe from years of kneading dough and baking tasty bread, please do not swoon if you view them. *(other Fisherperson genders are available)  

So, todays Daily Briefing –

Treat yourself

Support local LGBTQ traders

Buy craft beer!

Click here for direct UberEats link or just type  ‘Lost Soul Kitchen’ into Ubereats or call on 01273 600550

You can find them here, we are just off top of St James St.

Full menu below:




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