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London’s oldest and best known LGBT+ charity gets new name

Gary Hart June 24, 2015

Switchboard, the LGBT+ helpline, is the new, more inclusive name for London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard.


THE change will be announced officially tomorrow (Thursday, June 25) at a special Gala at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London starting at 8pm.

The charity, which was forty years old last year, provides confidential phone, e-mail and instant messaging services to support people who want to talk about sexuality and/or gender identity.

Dave Maher, Switchboard’s Co-Chair, said: “So much is changing for our LGBT+ communities and so is our name to make it clear that we’re here for everyone, wherever they live, and in whichever way they choose to define their sexuality or gender identity.”

“Even in our increasingly interconnected age, it’s not always easy to find the support we need at crucial times in our lives and Switchboard’s volunteers will continue to be here with calm words when those are needed most.”

Nuala O’Sullivan, Switchboard’s Co-Chair, added: “This is an incredibly exciting time for Switchboard. We have so much to celebrate and a new chapter to look forward to. Our new name will help us to spread the message that we continue to provide a safe and confidential space where people’s concerns can be listened to and talked through.”

More than fifteen thousand people use Switchboard’s services every year to talk about a variety of subjects including coming out, discrimination, and sexual health. Volunteers are trained to listen, signpost people to specialist services and to support them to make informed decisions for themselves.

Switchboard is a voluntary organisation with charitable status whose aim is to provide an information, support and referral service for anyone who needs to consider issues around sexuality and gender identity.

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