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London man pleads guilty of homophobic harassment

Rachel Badham June 3, 2021

38-year-old Justin Louis appeared in court on June 1 after pleading guilty to harassing his London neighbour continuously between August 2020 and January 2021, leading to the unnamed university student attempting to take his own life. According to MyLondon, the student moved into an apartment building in Clerkenwell, with his flat adjacent to Louis’, after which the harassment began.  

In one account given by the victim, Louis called him “disgusting” and said: “[I don’t] want to live with people like you”. Louis also left the student handwritten notes, describing him as “dirty” and a “paedophile”. On September 11, the victim heard a loud banging on his walls “as if someone was trying to break in”, with Louis also banging on the walls if the student had an intimate partner with him.

The case was heard at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court

The victim said the ordeal has severely impacted his mental health: “I feel very stressed as on top of the mental health problems I already have, I am having to deal with this… attempted to take my own life because of this. I have a fear of knife crime in general and I fear he could do something to me. I cannot have partners and friends round my house anymore because of him.”

The court sentenced Louis to an 18-month community order, where he must complete 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days – including five days of a diversity programme – as well as 200 hours of unpaid work. There has also been a two-year-long restraining order imposed on Louis, meaning he cannot contact the victim.