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London Homophobic Attacks up 22%

Gscene Editorial Team January 28, 2020

London Homophobic Attacks up 22%.

Figures released by London City Hall have shown a significant increase in the number of attacks reported to the police.

In 2018, 2,307 incidents were recorded but in 2019 this has risen by more than 500 to 2,835 –an increase of 22%.

The number of attacks reported to and recorded by the Metropolitan Police has more than doubled in eight years from 1,276 incidents in 2011. According to the figures released by London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s crime dashboard, LGBTQ+ related assaults are growing at a worrying rate, although hate crimes in general have also increased, particularly in relation to targeted religions.

The London Mayor is investing £6m to tackle the growing problem of hate crimes and a spokesmanstated:

“The Mayor is alarmed at what appears to be a growing intolerance in some sections of society to people whoare seen as somehow different.”The spokesman went on to state it was concerning that there was also a rise in hate crimes nationally.

The conservative candidate for the Mayoral race in May 2020, Shaun Bailey, described the figures as “the tip of the iceberg”.

He has called for the introduction of a new offence of LGBTQ+ aggravated hate crime in tandem with similar offences for racial and religious hatred.