LGBTQ+ History Club: Trans and Intersex in the Roman World

Gscene Editorial Team November 12, 2019

Trans and Intersex in the Roman World

This month the LGBTQ+ History Club takes a journey through the centuries and all the way to Ancient Rome. To explore queerness in the ancient times!

Most ancient civilisations have left us little evidence beyond archaeology. The Romans, however, have left a wealth of written material that stretches well beyond the doings of kings. This allows us to get an insight into the lives of trans and intersex people in the Roman world. Also, with their thousand year history, we can see the Romans develop from a brutal military culture to a globe-spanning empire that is starting to develop the concept of civil rights.

In this fascinating session, science fiction critic, energy economist, publisher and trans history geek Cheryl Morgan will introduce a variety of trans and intersex people from all levels of Roman society from religious beggars to the Imperial Family, and show how Roman society’s view of such people evolved.

History club is open to all (18+) and is free, but please book a ticket as capacity is limited and the club is very popular.
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Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club is supported by Brighton Museums & Arts Council England &  by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Sunday 24th Nov
2:30 to 4:30

VENUE: Brighton Museum & Art Gallery