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LGBT+ participants needed for LGBT+ Dementia research project

Graham Robson November 8, 2018

Jane Green, a qualified dementia nurse specialist studying an MSc in Ageing, Health and Disease at Cardiff University, is conducting research into looking at modifiable dementia risk factors in the LGBT+ and heterosexual populations.

HER research survey, which is to investigate factors that may affect the risk of dementia in later life, will aim to find out how common risk factors are in the adult population and examine if there are any differences in the number of risk factors amongst LGBT+ and heterosexual people.

Jane says: “Various factors, such as alcohol, smoking and depression, are shown to increase a person’s risk of developing dementia. It is reported that LGBT+ adults are more likely to have experienced depression or other mental health issues. In addition, the prevalence of substance misuse amongst the LGBT+ population is also reported to be higher than the heterosexual population, primarily in relation to tobacco and alcohol.

“My research study aims to ascertain if there is a significant difference in the prevalence of dementia modifiable risk factors amongst the LGBT+ adult population in relation to the heterosexual adult populations. Data will potentially be used to assess if there is a need for health and education provision within the LGBT+ communities.”

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