LGBT HISTORY MONTH: ‘Smiles Matter’ at Jubilee Library

Besi Besemar February 8, 2017


A new exhibition at Brighton’s Jubilee library runs till February 26 highlighting the good work of Accessibility Matters at Pride last year in Brighton & Hove.

Curated and designed by the Brighton & Hove, LGBT Community Safety Forum (B&H LGBT CSF) with the kind support of the Community Safety Team at Brighton & Hove City Council.

This exhibition of 18 large colour portraits of people attending Preston Park for Pride 2016 highlights the superb work of Accessibility Matters by showing us the people who are proud to attend and are able to attend because of the work of this ground breaking project.

This exhibit is part of celebrating the diversity of the LGBT population for LGBT history month 2017.

The portraits were taken by Amanda and Natasha Parker-Small or self-taken with a ‘selfie’ button.

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The B&H LGBT CSF initiative Accessibility Matters, celebrated its fourth anniversary providing Access to LGBT people in Brighton and Hove in July 2016. There was a photo booth at Preston Park and people self-elected to pose and take pictures with their loved ones, friends, families, careers to celebrate themselves and to show how Proud they were.

Accessibility Matters is the only dedicated LGBT project that delivers effective front line services to the Disabled LGBT Communities in Brighton & Hove.

Accessibility Matters was created by the B&H LGBT CSF to address the needs of older disabled, and deaf members of the LGBT Communities in the city, to encourage and empower them to take part in community and social life on a par with their non-disabled peers.


Billie Lewis

Billie Lewes Chair of the B&H LGBT CSF, said: “I love these pictures for the pure joy that comes from each and every person in them. We all work hard on Accessibility Matters, the Safety Forum and the large group of volunteers who make this happen every year and the smiles on the faces of the people are the best reward. These photo’s light up Jubilee Square and the windows of the library with smiles of joy, from people who can be themselves in a supportive considerate and Proud pride environment.”

For more information about Accessibility Matters, click here:

Are you going to Brighton & Hove Pride this Year? Do you have Access needs? Are you deaf, disabled, elderly or have a mobility issue? Do you need a safe and inclusive personal changing area?

To sign up to make your day as inclusive and enjoyable as possible, click here:

Event: LGBT History Month event: Smiles Matter, an Accessibility Matters photographic project

Where: Front Window, Jubilee Library, Jubilee Square, Brighton

When: Runs until February 28

Entry: Free entry


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